Sun dawei aka sulumi

'One of the key musician of Chinese new electronic music generation, also one of the first wave giving up classical Rock then turn into a electronic musician.'

I caught his performance yesterday and it was so amazing, the crowd were getting so high with his 8-bit gameboy's electronic beat and jumping here and there. Real fun!

Listen to his happy nostalgic electronica here and here.


I love Jap / part1

Suddenly think of compiling a list of Japanese designers that i really admire, so here we go:

Kenya Hara 原研哉 / Graphic Design
The Zen master of graphic design and also the man behind Muji.
His philosophy on senses and haptic is giving GD a whole new perspective.


Groovisions / Graphic Design
Always love their simple and graphical style.
The 100% cafe is still one of my favorite identity design.


Kashiwa Sato 佐藤可士和 / Graphic Design
The creative behind UT,
and founded the superb interactive agency Tha with Yugo Nakamura.


Taku Satoh 佐藤卓 / Graphic Design
Another GD master.
His outlook make me think of Alan Chan from Hong Kong.
But honestly i prefer Taku's stuff more than Alan one :P


Koichiro Tsujikawa 辻川幸一郎 / Director
A genius director from Japan,
the one who created the mind-blowing music videos for Cornelius and so on. Type Koichiro Tsujikawa in Youtube and you'll get to see most of his brilliant works.

And this is one of my favorite from Koichiro :)

to be continue...


Nagi Noda 1973-2008

Nagi Noda, 1973 - 2008.

My first met Nagi's works was in Collette 2006.

That was almost our last day in Paris.
We were visiting Louvre museum in the morning. Louvre is too huge and it's impossible to see every single artworks in one day. And I know if I walked in usual speed, I'll gonna missed out Nagi's exhibition in Collette. So I ran, by skipping a lot paintings and finished my Louvre's trip in half day.

To me, Nagi's works are even more inspiring than staring at Monalisa for hours. ( Yes, i have to admit I don't know how to appreciate oil paintings,
I am low class.)

I was in love with Nagi's works since then. She is so daring, brilliant, genius, unique... 'creative' is not enough to describe her, please suggest me a few new words.

This morning when I was surfing some design portals as usual, i was so shocked by the headline ' In Memory of Nagi Noda'. No way! Is this a joke? Is this some teaser or viral for Nagi's latest exhibition? I still can't accepted it and so I Googled, and Wikied... And It is real, Nagi passed away on 7 Sept 2008 in the age of 35.

This is a great sadness, i was depressed for a while,
and smoke a few cigarettes continuously, then called friends about the news... like losing someone really important in my life, I dunno why.

We will miss you Nagi. See you when I am 35.