what's a graphic designer do...

during his two weeks holiday back home.

Creative Brief - touch up a picture of his grandmother, to clean up the background and remove the 'dirt' on her face, then print it out big.

original image.

version 1 and version 2.

unreleased version. Banned by the account servicing (my mom)
before showing it to the client (my grandma).


I'm not gay

After years working as a graphic designer, I feel bored by flipping at those purely graphic art, advertising or illustration magazines. In contrary, I am slowly into other fields like industrial, interior, architecture, fine art and so on. Looking at design from other fields actually keep my mind fresh when I'm working on my own.

I don't really want to admit this... But i do attracted by fashion design recently. What i means is really fashion kind of fashion, not only about printing graphic on a T-shirt. Probably started from my Tokyo's trip 2 years ago, i was really fascinated by all the fashion brands like Undercover, Head Porter, Neighborhood, Visvim, A Bathing Ape, Beams, etc. By visiting their stores are totally different experience from what we read from magazine, although i'll never be able to afford one of those...

And then slowly I learn more about those Hi-fashion labels like Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, agnès b, Maison Martin Margiela, Junya Watanabe, Vivienne Westwood, Bernhard Willhelm and so on. All the names that I used to see on magazine every time but have no idea what the heck are they really about. (I still have no clue though)

Looking into how a fashion perfectionist taking care of every single details in their cloths, branding, and also their fashion show, I realized why my printed tees can only sell for $10 while Comme des Garçons's can sell for $1000. It's the same theory where some 'designers' charge a logo design for $10 while some can charge for $10k.

I'm not a Hi-fashion person, we doesn't need to buy all those cloths to appreciate a fashion designer's work. Just thinking that if we can appreciate other's design, others might try to appreciate ours too. I used to be a raw and ragged person and proud of wearing a fake Ape Sta. But nowadays i started caring about what to put on my body. Sure is not those big name, but will try to examine the details, cutting, and craftsmanship a little bit more before I'm wearing it.

I'm not a gay, maybe just one tiny step closer to a metrosexual...