green green grass

- by grass studio

Grass Studio, is where I first started my career as a graphic designer right after my graduation. Working with the talented lecturer Herbie and colleague at that time, Lian Siah, is definitely one of the greatest experience in my life, I've learned a lot from them. No Grass no me.

Grass has the spirit of being alternative, has guts, and seems like getting better and better all these years. I'm so proud that I used to be one of the team, 各位老细大恩大德细佬实在是感激不尽。

Recently Herbie is putting up all Grass's works online, it's suppose to function as an open report from Grass to Dasein Academy Of Art, it'll be good if you can post your thoughts and comments on the blog, coz they are gathering some feedbacks from public. Go Here.

And also I re-uploaded the old Grass site as well, Have fun~


random images from random occasions II



i love panda, but she loves bamboos.

real spiderman, fake spiderman.


i know where the meats come from...