finally think simple act simple

Started from middle of 2008, It's already more than a half year i've been planning to work on my portfolio site. Doing personal stuff always can't see an end, everything seems not good enough and the changes are like forever...

Finally make up my mind and put everything all up. Let's check it out :D

In fact at the very beginning i was thinking of make up a fancy flashy site, well actually i'd already did... with a lot of helps from lovely 'Abang Jay' from Kinetic, really sorry Abang i throw away all your efforts >.< ( for girls please consider this lovely guy, add him in facebook ).

To not waste Abang's effort completely, i decided to put this incomplete version online too ~ www.thinksimpleactsimple.com/beta

The end is just another beginning. It's time to work on next project... XO



"If you want to be famous, the first thing you have to do is stop wanting to be famous." - Adrian Shaughnessy

This is one of the most important quote that influenced me a lot few years ago, by Adrian Shaughnessy in his very first book - How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul.

Read Adrian's interview here.