without thought - Naoto Fukasawa

Always crazy about Japanese stuff. From graphic, fashion, product, architecture, and even their music. Japanese design always leading the trend, bringing the perfect balance between culture and contemporary, giving us non-stop surprises.

Naoto Fukasawa (深泽直人) is definitely one of the most influential designer in the universe. The one who design the ingenious Muji fan's CD player, the man behind plus minus zero, the one who brings the simplicity and functionality to the next level. Yeah, everybody knew him, but i just can't resist to talk about him again...

Just read an old article about his philosophy - without thought.
"You shouldn't need to use an instruction manual to learn how to use a product," he said. "It should be so intuitive that you work it out naturally." (read more).

A product is not only a product, but a tool to communicate with the end user intuitively/subconsciously. Beautiful~

* quite useful list about Naoto. Here (in Chinese)