I love Jap / part2

Jun Takahashi 高桥盾 / Fashion

The mastermind behind Undercover. Jun Takahashi is a multi talented genius, his gift from street fashion to hi-fashion, drawing to sculpting are undeniable. I'm still regret i didn't buy a Undercover's tee last time when i visited Tokyo... also check out his blog.


Wonderwall / Interior
Bathing ape, Collete, Uniqlo, 100% Chocolate Cafe, Beams T... Yes, almost all the chic, designy, good looking store that i can ever think of, are designed by Wonderwall inc, founded by Masamichi Katayama 片山正通


Kazunari Hattori 服部一成 / Graphic Design
If you ever flipped Tokyo Art Director or Type Director club's annuals, you would probably have seen Kazunari's works before. The regular winner of both awards, his design is so simple yet unique, check out his latest exhibition.


Tadao Ando 安藤 忠雄 / Architect
The master Architect, the one who designed the church of the light. Ando did not receive any formal architectural schooling. Instead, he trained himself by reading and traveling extensively through Africa, Europe, and the United States. Really love his trademark 'dotted' concrete wall.