browsing copy

Last few weeks Roy passed me this book and got me to doodle on it for his 'Browsing Copy' project. The time line is really tight when it comes to me, so in the end I just go with the fastest method: cut, paste and spray. Since the original title is 'A Century of Thai Cinema', my idea was just to make the whole book feels like a movie countdown. Nothing marvelous...

Everything was a bit too rush, but I do enjoy the busyness. I should have think about more short term projects like this, at least I had a slightly more meaningful weekend.

For more browsing copies. www.browsingcopy.com


- VING - said...

the 5th pic is Kamasutra !?!?!? @..@

Driv said...

Hahaha, Ya, Kamasutra until open flower~