more stunning pictures of Beijing's Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Finally, the long-awaited moment for all Chinese is arrived...

Has been living under so much pressure and threat by terrorist,
China finally made it, the opening of Olympics'08 is absolutely awesome!
The Fou drums with lights, footprint fireworks, giant scroll's screen on the floor, walking around the illuminated globe, the Tron-like green men, and all the other performances.

I was so amazed!
While we are watching the opening ceremony together in the office, all colleagues stand up and sing along when China's national anthem being played. I can feel their pride for their country. I'm not sure whether I'll do the same when 'Negaraku' being played...

I never see any other Olympics opening ceremony before, but this one is a jaw-dropping one for me... Keep it up dragon~

Homeless bunch in the office.

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