Universal Everything

Amplifying. Exaggerating. Pushing the boundaries.

Universal Everything. Definitely one of the most cutting edge studio in the universe. I'd actually bookmark their project site - Everyoneforever at the bottom left menu since i started this blog :D I was in love with their stuffs from the first time I stumbled upon their website.

I always thought that such advance design studio must be teamed up by a huge bunch of great designers, animators, or even scientists. I was wrong, just found out that Universal Everything is mainly run by this one guy, with his laptop and mobile phone... unbelievable. Matt Pyke, the founder of UE, worked for The Designer Republic for 8 years, and started his own studio in 2004. He only hired a studio manager, and then work closely with talented people from different fields on different projects.

They always pushing the works to the edge, being different from the norm. I really love what he say about "I like not knowing about 3D animation probably... partly because I'm rubbish at it, and partly it keeps that childhood innocent... ". (Maybe simply because I'm actually doing web design now -_- but I have no proper knowledge in it as well, hehe...) Have a look at his lecture, very inspiring.

Also read his interview : Here.

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