life is like roasting a chicken


" 烧鸡,材料是鸡,做法,拿只鸡去烧⋯⋯ 但是,如果你想只鸡好味D, 食完吾会夭心夭肺,甘咪拍烂挡⋯ 烧好D咯。"

其实做人都很简单,材料就是人,同埋得过做字。但是如果你想你的人生精彩一点,值得回味一点,甘咪拍烂挡⋯ 俾D心机咯。

This is a line that I kinda like long ago from the ending of My life as McDull. I can't recall the whole sentence but it sounds something like this:

Roasted Chicken. Ingredient: chicken. Method: roast..... but, if you want your chicken to taste better, and doesn't spoil your mood after the meal, please... roast it better.


- VING - said...


grass said...

That,.. and to get the right taste after the right ingredients r mixed, timing is crucial. Maybe that's why they call it seasoning.

Driv said...

time not wait for people ah, the sun is setting la.

grass said...

I will stick to the roast chicken theory. : ) My sun-set is sooner.