a good week

This is a pack and interesting week for me.
Quite inspiring and meaningful:

Caught the performance by the multi-instrumentalist - Otomo Yoshihide
大友良英. Been expecting something more noise or experimental Jazz, but the show turned out quieter than i expected, feeling more like Minimal Tech. It was also the first time in my life seeing a gig that the organizer shouted at the crowd: "Be quiet!". I was once wonder that am I in a cinema or what...

In fact, should called this an art performance instead of a gig.

Attended exhibition of the photographer - Yasumasa Yonehara 米原康正, the one who famous for taking sexy hot babes' photos. Yes, I hate Japs! This is a crossover exhibition with the graffiti artist Reach. I was slightly late for the opening, and missed the live painting on model's body. Damn~

Found some more event pics here.

I've been living in 番禺路 for almost half a year, but just found out few days ago there is such a huge sculpture gallery nearby. The Red Town, which is located in the opposite direction on my daily route to my office, and only takes 10 minutes walk from my place. It is kinda like the sculpture version of M50. And there got bookstore that sell design books too! Woohoo!

Sometimes good things might just beside you and me, we just need to wander to the other direction...


yayawoo said...

oh my gosh!!!
all the exhibition u visited is so damn cool!!! (specially the YONE x Reach “Partouze” exhibition)
damn... when he coming to M'sia? >.<

Driv said...

Haha... Explicit content, maybe it's too much for our government >.<