Onwards by James Jarvis

All time favorite illustrator James Jarvis' latest moving image Onwards in collaboration with Syhnola.

And part of the video is actually inspired by David Shrigley's work, who i admired a lot too:

'I had been an admirer of Shynola's collaboration with David Shrigley in their promo for the track Good Song. I liked the way it maintained Shrigley's drawn aesthetic in its transformation into moving image, so I contacted them to see if they would be interested in working with me on the idea. Richard 'Kenny' Kenworthy agreed, and worked heroically on the film.'

Always love James' works for being so whimsical and humorous. I still remember and inspired by his talk during IdN My favorite conference in 2004, about his theory on 'logically illogical' or 'illogically logical', which i think is still reflects on his works nowadays.

By the way the music by Caribau is lovely too.

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yayawoo said...

ok, this is really fucking cool and awesome!! totally impressive with this video!
thanks for sharing dude ^^