Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes

Another article by Adrian Shaughnessy which i think is worth reading.
Kinda like his thought because he is always being honest and constructive. He mentioned something in his recent article which i feel relevant to me:

"For designers, verbal skills are as important as visual skills."
Ideas usually fail not because they're bad ideas, but because they're badly presented."

Years ago i keep insists 'good design can always speak for themselves'.
But after awhile i realize that is not utterly true. Knowing how to present really helps a lot in selling an idea, and that is why some suck businessman-designers can win the business whilst some good otaku-designers cannot.

I'm completely suck in verbal skill and presentation. Damn it, although i'm not really enjoy talk cock about my design... but better be modest and keep learning.

Read Adrian's full article here.

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