Achimura weekend I

- Ohayo 1166.

Saturday. Had good rest after the long hard working week, Ota san still rushing work in office today... I was just lazing around, walked to Gondo 権堂商店街 for lunch, bumped into a flea market and choir performance by school kids, good start for a cheerful weekend. Merry Christmas~

- Country road, takes me home...

Ota san came back from office around 4pm, and we went to a nice venue called nijuHair for some live performance again. I don't know exactly what's that shop do, but it a got good ambient, I really love the old antiques and wood decorations, it's all over in Japan!

- Kamen Ai chan. - Man on the swing.

- NijuHair.

We had to leave before the show ended because we have a meeting at Achimura tomorrow morning, a small town about 2 1/2 hours drive from Nagano city. Otsukare chan Ota san~ Once we touch down Achimura, Ota san's friends asked us to join them for karaoke... It's a really local and old Japanese style Karaoke. It's remind me of cheesy karaoke we had in Malaysia too :)

- Gambatte. Mina gambatte.

- Ota singing.

- superb Ryokan.

We spent 4 hours mostly doing nothing in the karaoke session. Arrived Ishida Onsen Ryokan at 2am. Had free stay here because we're working on some project for this gorgeous Japanese onsen hotel, hurray!

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