Second week

"First week is the communication week, second week we start working."
Ota San said to me, on the very first day I came to his office.

Today is my second week in Manz office. Started designing a flyer for Taiko master Sato Kensaku, designing something for Japanese cultural related stuff is truly exciting. I found the long lost joy for turning on my adobe illustrator and start designing again today. Thank you Ota san, I miss doing graphic design.

1. Ohayo Kanematsu.
2. Men in black visited us.
3. Sneak out during lunch time, was attracted by the old cloth's shop.
4. Super friendly old couple, had a pleasant conversation with them with my very limited Japanese vocabulary. Always enjoy small towns in Japan rather than big city like Tokyo.
5. Bought a Japanese worker shirt, with a handkerchief as a free gift :P
6. Thanks Ai chan for lending me some more Japanese easy-listening music, like it! ( Kazehakase 風博士, and water water camel )

7. Mr.chef is making our free croquette lunch!
8. Have a lunch break, have a chit chat.
9. Bonnecura members having a regular meeting, I am sleeping.
10. Dinner at Hiyori cafe, just 3 minutes walk from the office, nice food and nice ambient. I'll come back again!
11. Introducing new Bonnecura's member - Mr. Nagamine. Very funny guy, we had a lot of nonsense jokes. Although I think I can only understand 1/3 of our conversation, or maybe less... but It's fun! Arigatou.
12. Met Aoki san in the cafe, who is working in a publishing company upstairs, and of course we didn't let go the chance to visit his office as well. Personally love publication design a lot and it's exciting for me to see how's a Japanese publishing company works. Well, most of the staff is still in the office after 10pm... tough works, as expected.


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Not really, still understand simple words only.
You got your farming experience also ma, same same :D