Beautiful day

This is such a wonderful day.

We went to Togakushi this morning, a village not too far away from Nagano city, to have a meet with client. The way to Togakushi is already covered by snow, the scenery is marvelous! For a person from tropical country, we'll always go crazy whenever we see snow.

After the Soba lunch, we visited great Taiko drummer Mr.Sato Kensaku (佐藤健作) to meet about the promotional items for his next performance. Sato san performed on the spot for both of us, so we can get a better picture and inspiration about Taiko. The traditional drum's beat is far more louder than I expected, every single beat is like hitting straight into our heart, you can probably have a brief look at Sato san's amazing performance here.

Before going back to the office, Ota san and me went for Onsen. This is the 3rd time I went for Japanese hot springs during my trip in Japan, and each time is with different Japanese guys I met along the way, so I'm not feeling that awkward anymore being naked in front of other guys, instead it was really relaxing.

The day get dark earlier during winter time, the sun is setting when we heading back to start our works for today. It's a blessing to be able to work in such beautiful place, and doing what you like in such place is a complete happiness, I think I'm already fall in love with Nagano...

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