Day 11

- Kazehakase san and Gen san (water water camel)

We are going to have first round presentation with Sato Kensaku san today. Ota san had already finish the design yesterday night, I'm still working on it. ( I always work until very last minute, have to learn how to work efficiently.)

Kazehakase san and Gen san's (guitarist from Water water camel) visited us around lunch time. They are both talented musician, I felt pressure standing beside the 2 gentleman. Just realized that they are having performances around Nagano for few days. Now I know why Ai chan lend me their CDs...

- free jam in Kanematsu.

Had quick lunch at Shimaya restaurant right around the corner, and then head back to office to rush out my design.

Tea time with Kei san and Hattori san around 4pm (I'm so easily get distracted). We had coffee and Kei san bought cakes for all of us. Back to work again finally finished up the flyer design with helps from Ota san to layout some Japanese text.

7pm, Sato Kensaku san and producer came over for the meeting, we presented 2 visual design, one by me and one by Ota san. It was quite exciting, the presentation went really well, they loves Ota san design, and might want to apply it into poster too for the next stage. Yokatta ne.

Ota san was so happy and even bought me dinner, I feel relief too at least my first task in Manz office is consider done... although I didn't really help much (as my design didn't get chosen at the end). Let's move on for the next project. Hope can do a better job next time.


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