Second week II

Start working on a flyer for Taiko master Sato Kensaku, then I realized that for the past 2 years I was only working on advertising campaign and web design, it's been a long while I never really sit down and think about a project from a graphic designer point of view.

In advertising agency, we're talking about big concepts, strategies, award-wining ideas, gimmicks, ambients, viral, viral and viral. In web design, we are talking about flash, action scripts, iphone apps, html 5, and all the techgy languages that I don't even understand.

Nobody will care about a tiny flyer's design anymore, how it communicates with the viewer better, how it tells the story, how to make the graphic form nicer, colors, typesetting, grids, paper usage till the print production. Suddenly I have a feeling that I never designing a design properly for a long time. After all I still prefer the insignificant, out-dated, tiny print design.

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