Shashin time

- Zenkoji

Took a short walk around Zenkoji 善光寺 after lunch. Beautiful sunny day, the weather is so comfy, best time to take some photos!

We had a meeting mid afternoon, I took some more photos when we're on the way to client's office. Nagano (ShinShu) has a very unique geographical location, according to wikipedia, nine of the twelve highest mountains in Japan can be found in this inland prefecture. It's a city surrounded by mountains, you can see the gigantic mountains anywhere you go, subarashii~

- In front of client's office.

- On the way back.

- Coffee time.

We had coffee in D&Department before heading back to office. Were joking about we should collaborate on some projects and call our team - Zannen Boyz 残念男衆 (simply means Regrettable Boys). The nonsense talk seems like getting more serious, I don't like the word - Boyz, so we try to think of other alternatives... Zannen rider, Zannen manz, Zannen otoko shu, Zannen koji, etc.

Hope to see our Zannen group to be formed and doing some Zannen design soon. Go go Zannen Boyz!

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