The warmest place on earth

- The story begins from 1166 backpackers hostel.

I'll be heading back to Tokyo at 4pm. Didn't talk much and taking photos today, maybe I was getting tired from last night party or simply just not in a good mood. We have our last pasta lunch in cafe toque toque with friends from 1166, then went for mochi pounding session right in front of nanographica. There are plenty of delicious mochi free for everybody, it was pretty cold and snowing out there but the young and old still gathered around to participated in it. I'm so jealous of the friendly neighborhood and simple lifestyle in Monzen (the area surrounding Zenkoji).

- Off you go.

- Backpackers no mina san.

The snow makes the departure slightly melancholy. We took some more group photos in front of the hostel and then Ota san drove us to the bus station. Ota san and Yamada san stood in the snow for about 10 minutes until our bus left. I felt so sorry, you guys are just being too kind.

For all you great people in Nagano I will miss you all and will definitely come back again as often as I could. Take good care Nagano no Mina san, you all makes Monzen the warmest place on earth. Ganbaro!

- 男は黙ってサッポロビール!

- Omamori from Zenkoji.

- 街並み, 長野門前暮らしのすすめ, ザ・ドリフターズ (The Drifters) photo, and postcard by nonoko. (I never know you're such talented illustrator before this.)

- Blessing from 1166 no mina san, I will try to understand all the Japanese words on it without checking translator one day.

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Chin Ling said...

I understand - NO SMOKING!!