Silent night

Past few days Ota san and me have been talking about starting some projects together so that we can continue our collaboration even after I left Nagano. The talking seems to be getting more serious and we wanted badly to make it happen.

- Aluminum silkscreen's frames.

- Screen printing machine.

So this morning we visited a T-shirt printing factory, to have some research and understanding about Japanese T-shirts' production. The printing factory is equipped with professional facilities, this is the first time I see the major silk-screening machines, the ink-usage and positioning are very accurate. I remember visited a T-shirt printing factory in Malaysia before, they were all manually adjusted and printed by man, hence the quality is easily get out of control.

- There are always visitors in Kanematsu.

Ota san show me some paper samples from Japanese retro printer, for print-freak like me will easily get over-excited to see such nice papers and printing techniques, I wish there are such quality printers in Malaysia...

- Japanese retro printing.

- Nice!

- Silent dinner.

Today is Christmas eve, Ota san is having his own dinner plan :) So I went for my silent dinner at the very nice cafe nearby - Hiyori again. Love the chicken soup curry here, it's not a typical Japanese curry, somehow it tasted a bit like our South East Asia curry, maybe I'm just getting home sick. I was trying to think about the collaboration project in this quiet cafe, the cafe manager - Hiromi san came over and gave me a free drinks coupon and their Tenugui (Japanese handkerchief) due to their 5th anniversary celebration. Thanks for the little surprises for me everyday, arigatou gazaimasu and Merry Christmas~

- Merry Christmas~


Chin Ling said...

wow...merry xmas ;)

nice handkerchief, what a lovely gift

Driv Loo. said...

yeah~ lovely people ^^
merry christmas to you too!