Achimura weekend II

- Sekitatei Ishida Onsen Ryokan.

Getting hard to wake up in the morning, we went for breakfast at 9am. I have been on a budget trip in Japan, I think this is the most luxury breakfast I had for this trip. Japanese services is totally amazing, from the first step we stepped into the Ryokan I feel that every tiny details has been nicely taken care of.

Went for Onsen after breakfast, and then we had a meeting with Hemi sensei (the man from Karaoke yesterday). He was Ota san's art teacher in his elementary school. I can't imagine after 18 years later I'll be working together with my primary school teacher...

The meeting held until late afternoon, Hemi San try to explained about Japanese spirit to me in simple English. I really hope I can understand Japanese better, I think I'll seriously take a Japanese language lesson in future.

- Achi-mura.

Too bad we don't have chance to explore around Achimura. Most of the time we were just stuck in the ryokan, but it was an enjoyable experience, the services and the amenities are simply perfect. I admired Japanese's distinctive sense towards every tiny details in their daily life, It's a good practice for a graphic designer too.

- Omedetou Yamada san.

Back to Nagano city at night, celebrated Yamada san's birthday in 1166 backpackers hostel. Otanjoubi Omedetou for Yamada san's 23 birthday~

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