Day 2

This is a busy day (for Ota san), when I arrived office this morning, he has already been there working for few hours, such a hard working man!

- good morning Kanematsu.

We then headed to D&Department Project Nagano and had lunch in the cafe downstair. D&Department is a nice concept store, carrying timeless products, retro furniture, household goods, used books and CDs, and even published their own travel guide books. On top of that they also produce various design projects time by time. I've been lucky enough to be able catch their exhibition - 'Only honest design can be recyclable.' in Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Design Gallery 2 weeks ago :D

- D&Department Project Nagano.

- D&Travel Cafe Nagano.

- setting up Saunter's signboard.

Soon after the lunch Ota san carry on with his works, checking the setup of Saunter Salon's signboard, meeting client, change tires, and then meeting with another client, after that still have to go back office and work until late night.

I couldn't help much but just tag along with him. I'm so impressed by the hard work and efficiency of a Japanese, how can a man do so many things by himself in one day... I have to work harder from now on.

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