Day 20

1. We had simple udon lunch, and Ota san suggested we should go for Onsen today, and off we go.
2. Love the scenery so much, the mountains are beautiful with snow.
3. Stop over at Morinowakko for an exhibition.
4. Natural light.
5. Photography by オオイガワ
6. Inside Morinowakko.

7. Outside Morinowakko.
8. Susaka Onsen. I started in love with this Japanese way of releasing stress.
9. Took a walk in the evening, hello 1166.
10. Good for your stomach.
11. Narado cafe. Recommended by Ota san.
12. Very old cafe with nice ambient, make me feel like smoking.

13. Ota san being a photographer for a sushi project.
14. Ebi miso soup.
15. Super expensive sushi... we had it for free, arigatou!!
16. Itadakiimasu.

Night discussion, Ota san making notes on his notebook.

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