Three weeks

Time flies. It's already the third week I'm here and I can't believe I'm going to leave in 2 days' time. To me this trip has been the most meaningful and amazing experience throughout the year, it makes me feel that I didn't wasted my 2010, and it was a right decision to go for this long vacation.

Today is a quiet day, Ota san didn't have much meetings and presentations to rush for, so we spent most of our time in the office. He show me old photo of him in dreadlocks, the photo was taken about 10 years ago, Kakoii guy. We had some more discussion about our collaboration, and finally we lock down our project name and rough direction. Alright! Let's make things happen.

We went to Shimi san house for dinner again, it was kind of like a farewell dinner for me. Thank you Shimi san and family! This is the first time I have noodles in ice, Oishii. I hope I can come back to visit you all again in near future, please take care and stay happy everyday.

- Great Teenage Ota.

- Super Ai chan at work.

- Icy Somen.

- Happy family.

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君女/JunNv said...

What a big damn good experience!!!