If you ask me where is the best tourist spot in Japan I'll probably wouldn't recommend Nagano city, it's not as popular as other famous tourist destinations like Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, etc. Nagano city or Monzen is just a modest little town with a lot of temples around. Some people might find it less interesting or even boring. The things that make it so different for me is all the good people I've met, and it makes it my favorite place in Japan.

The very first person I must thank is Orie san, the owner of the backpacker's hostel, all these wouldn't happen without you and the wonderful 1166. I was told that the hostel is just opened less than a month when I first arrived, I'm not a superstitious person but I think there might be some sort of fate that connected all this together. Orie san told me that she was just moved in to Nagano city not long ago, but she felt that Nagano is her hometown already. Yes, Orie san I feel the same too. I believe 1166 will getting better and inspired more people from all over the world, I'll miss you too.

And of course, arigatou gozaimasu Ota san. You must be very tired, having to work for long hours everyday and taking care of a lazy foreigner in the meanwhile, thanks for everything. We getting to know each other better during the 3 weeks without speaking same language, from a complete stranger, to friend, to good friend and hopefully business partner in the future. I believe we'll still work closely together and have more chance to see each other, so I'll not miss you, haha. 男は黙ってサッポロビール!(I guess it's simply means: real man don't complain, and drink Sapporo Beer on his own.) Ota san said it's the Just Do It spirit for Japanese people. Thanks for the phrase, I'll remember it for lifetime.

I've gained a lot during this trip, my wallet is empty but my heart is full. I've seen a young lady who running a hostel on her own, working everyday from 7am-12am non-stop without complain. A guy who didn't studied graphic design but able to run his own design studio from top to toe. They are giving 100% in doing what they like to do, and bit by bit slowly contributed back to the neighborhood as well. Everyone in Monzen is enjoy doing what they are good at, and influence each other to be better everyday, I hope to see such positive energy in Malaysia community as well.

I've been trying to run away from Malaysia because I think it doesn't have potential for a designer to grow. But after the trip It makes me feel that maybe I should start thinking of what to give to the community instead of waiting for it to give me something, maybe I should give more love to my native land... should I?

Ota san and me were trying to do a collaboration project together, of course it's definitely just for fun and will not earning any money at the first stage, but I hope it can be done and lead to something good in future, let's not talk about things that haven't realized for now.

I'm looking forward for the next challenging year already, with all the blesses from you all in Nagano, I'm sure everything is gonna be fine :) And so it's ended my full time blogger project, I'm not a good writer and really slow in writing, always feel reluctant to reply long emails and Q&A. It takes me whole day to finish the last 3 blog posts.

Will try to do less talking and more working from now on. So at last, I've attached the lyrics of the last song you guys make me sang in the Karaoke the other night. Happy new year.

"...We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving. There's a choice we're making, we're saving our own lives, It's true we'll make a better day, just you and me. "


RadiantB said...

Very cool video,
all worth it... fruitful trip and priceless memories.

ramen said...

Haven't checked your blog for a while. But seems like you're having a fantastic time! Omedetto.

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