Day 5

Ota san and me were having a lunch meeting today about the design concept for Sato Kensaku's flyer, Orie san from 1166 backpacker hostel was invited to be our translator, otsukaresama deshita. Thanks to Orie San we were able to understand each other better. Arigatou Orie san!

We decided to go to D&Department again to do some shopping after the lunch. Once we step out of the restaurant we bump into Aya San and her cute baby daughter Minori chan, they had some chat and then Aya san and Minori chan also joining us to D&Department.

- Aya san and super kawaii Minori chan.

One of the nice thing about Nagano is that it's such a small city and everyone seems to know each other, you may meet someone you know on the street any time, and everyone is incredibly friendly. There is a Farmers Market going on in D&Department, produced by another great design studio from Nagano - Todoroki, they made beautiful packaging design to promote importance of local agriculture, and also demonstrating mochi-making in front of D&Department.

- Mr.Todoroki.

- keep pounding and pounding.

- itadakimasu!

There's a special guest came to the office this evening. Yoshinori Sato (佐藤嘉風) is having a live performance in Kanematsu. The music is so smoothing and therapeutic, I do not understand the lyrics but his voice does make us feel warm at heart. Such a pleasant evening~

- 佐藤嘉風, 岡崎恵美 live in Kanematsu.

- Ota the laser face.

The night is still young. Later after the show Ota san and me went for DJ Kawasaki's performance. I'm not really into clubbing, just want to check out how's Nagano clubbing scene. It was all good... ja, oyasumi nasai with a Yoshinori's song.


chiariyees said...

I've been following your blog since minifanfan told me the t-shirt i post in my blog is your design. :)

looks like you're having great times in Japan ya.
that's a nice song.The male singer reminds me of Ken Hirai.


Driv Loo. said...

Hi Chiariyees, nice to meet you! glad you like my design, thanks a lot. Ya it is all great just that my cash is burning like crazy -_-''

if you like it check out this song too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OIZjLHBpn4