Day 15

Today's schedule is simple, meeting, meeting, meeting, and meeting. Running a studio on your own is not an easy task, Ota san is doing almost everything from planning, design, photography, print check, meeting, presentation, account, all by himself. I'm impressed by the hard work he put in his studio and he is actually enjoying every single process in the business. "Design is not only about sitting in front of the computer creating beautiful graphics, it's involve a lot of planning, organizing and communication with people... " I agree, and that's the hardest part for me that I really need to catch up.

- Family dinner.

Shimi san, the owner of Saunter Salon invited us to his house for dinner, this is consider my first family dinner ever in Japan. Shimi san and Ota san are best friend for more than 10 years. He is a really funny man, and a good father too. "I want my family members to be happy and laugh everyday." Such a simple statement but I was touched, you're the real man Shimizu san.

- Rin, Kai, and Sora chan.

- Family's pet.

We had a long chat until midnight, with simple English and Japanese but I think we're able to communicate quite well, we share a lot about our languages, histories, religions, and so on. I enjoyed the conversation so much, Ota san decided that we should stay over in Shimi san house for tonight.

I met a lot of generous people during this trip, thank you Mina san. Not many people willing to let a stranger stay overnight in their house, sit in their office everyday, bring him along to any client's meeting, share about their business and experience without hiding anything behind.

I'm just a stupid jobless guy who never think much about money and my future, I've been lucky enough to meet with someone as stupid (if not more stupid) as me who gave trust to a total stranger from nowhere. Thanks for your kindness, It makes me harder to leave this place...

- Oyasumi busy man.

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