Chill out day

Sleep late again today, go to office during lunch time. Ota san dragged me to a local workshop organized by great people from Nanographica to learn about making of しめ縄飾り (Shimenawakazari), a Japanese traditional sacred straw festoon commonly used for New Year decoration. Tough lesson, only able to made it by lot of helps from the Sensei. I have experienced a lot of traditional Japanese culture this time, I will never have chance to do this if I never meet you all in Nagano~ Arigatou.

- Live demo.

- Our special assistant Minori chan. - Done!

Spent more time doing works today, nothing nice comes out yet, hopefully can meet tomorrow deadline.

- Kazehakase and friends.

Had dinner again in wonderful Hiyori cafe with fellows of Bonnecura. There is a special live performance by Kazehakase 風博士 ( Ai chan borrowed me his CD's yesterday.) Didn't expect I will be able to catch his live by the next day. Relax and easing show, good music unwind tensions of whole day.

I'm so envy by the fact that there are so many adorable talented people, studios, traditional culture and beautiful natural scenery around Nagano city. There are interesting and inspiring stuff happening anytime around the neighborhood. It's a place with nice mixture of old and new Japanese culture, I don't want to go home T.T

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