Lazy Sunday

I wake up in the late afternoon, Ota San went to office again like usual. I am on my own today, by the time I walked out from home the sky is getting dark. Wandering around Nagano city, its a small town and most of the interesting places are in walkable distance.

- interesting old signage

- the shop owner must be a big fans of Michael Jackson. It's been showing MJ's videos from the first day I arrived Nagano, and now it's still showing with 3 TVs on even the shop is closed. You're not alone.

Finally found a quiet cafe and walk in to have a coffee and do some thinking. Yes, do some thinking. My brain simply doesn't work when I'm doing other stuff, e.g. when I'm facing computer, reading books, visiting exhibition, walking. I can only think in a quiet place with notepad and pen, maybe my brain is getting rusty.

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