All things bright and beautiful

Woke up in the morning realized that the street out there is already covered by snow. Wow this is the first white christmas in my lifetime ever, thank you Santa! I met Ota san in the office then we go out together for christmas photograph session. It was still the same old views but the snow makes everything looks so beautiful and fascinating.

- Ho ho ho~

- Bought apple Kit Kat and spicy Kit Kat for souvenirs.

Had second meeting with Sato kensaku san this evening. They were first hesitated about the the visual proposed by Ota san, but he managed to came out with another solution right on the spot and in the end they are both happy with the outcome, everything get back on track again, yokatta.

- Pressure pressure.

- Christmas party.

Right after the meeting we went to our lovely neighbor 1166 backpackers hostel for their christmas party. Yamada san made a wonderful meal for us, Chou Oishii~

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